Friday, March 29, 2013

Day Thirty-Five Forty Days of Focus: Relationships

The Good Neighbor test: Are you taking seriously your calling to love your neighbors? Imagine a tick-tack-toe box with nine squares. Put your own name in the center. In the other eight boxes put the names of your eight closest neighbors. If you are able to do this you are in a small percentage of Christians. Only 10% of the Church can do step one. Next write some biographical information on each neighbor. Include only things you could not know by looking from your front yard like where they are from, where they work or what they did for vacation. Successfully doing this puts you in the top 3% of Christians. Lastly, include hopes, dreams and belief in God. Only 1% of Christians can do all three steps. What does this teach us about ourselves and the impact of the Church in our neighborhoods and our Country?


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